Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Argyle Nails!

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! And yay it's Tutorial Tuesday once again! 
Sorry about the pinkie... I did the white all wrong :)
 So I'm pretty sure the design is called argyle but, it also looks like a sweater.. anyways here's how I did it..
First, I painted my nails any color(s) I wanted to..

Then using a striping brush I made an "X" and filled it in..
 Then I used a white striper and did a diamond.. these don't look as good on camera then they do in person. -_-  
I think that's it for today..sorry about the short post..
Bye Guys!!<3

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Interest in Pinterest!

Yea.. I can come up with some pretty creative titles. This post is about everything BUT nails since I felt like doing something a little different.

If you haven't been on of Pinterest you need to. It's like a virtual bulletin board where you been almost anything you want!  There's nails, DIY project's, food, animals, art, mostly ANYTHING including hair like this..
Isn't this cool? I would love to try this with my hair one day! But I would wait awhile since I've already died the tips red with Kool-Aid (another thing I found on Pinterest) and a purple streak which is slowly fading to gray.

And there's also stuff like this! Like growing a pineapple from the top of another pineapple! Or how to make mini funnel cakes!  On most pictures it takes you to another website or blog.

I also find a lot of pictures that I want to draw! Like some of these..
Tiger :)

Ariel :)

Butterfly :)

I've free handed all these drawings using only a pencil and a q-tip! :D

And to end this wonderful post here's a picture of my doggy!!
Hope you liked today's post!
If you want to see more non-nail related posts let me know!

Bye Guys!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Nails!!!

Hey Guys! Ahh! So Thanksgiving is tomorrow and what's better then putting turkeys on your nails? Haha.. anyways here's what they look like..
I'm in love with them! They little turkeys are just too cute! But what's weird is that I think I did better on my bad hand.. here's my other hand..

Do you have any Thanksgiving designs on your nails?

Hope you liked it! Bye Guys!!<3

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dandelion nails!

Hey Guys!! I'm excited about this design! But I'm also excited for this tiger I drew!!
It's like my best drawing yet! It's completely free handed.. I just looked at a picture of the tiger that I found on Pinterest. :)

Speaking of Pinterest I also got my nail design from there. It's the dandelion nails! For it I used..

- Revlon - Cloud
- black
- white
- toothpick

So first I painted all my nails with a light blue/grayish color..
Then using the toothpick and black paint a curved black line on your middle finger and pinky. At the top of the lines make s small dot..
Still with the toothpick use white to make the white parts of the dandelion. Put them at the tops of all your nails and and the tops of the black lines..
And there ya go! Dandelion Nails!!

Hope you liked it!

Bye Guys!!<3

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wet n Wild Swatches + Favorite Brands!

Hey guys! I got 2 new Wet n Wild's to add to the family! haha here they are..
 The pink sparkled one is Sparked and the light orange is Sunny Side Up.
 I know these two pictures are blurry.. It's pretty hard to get a clear picture on my phone.
I also wanted to tell you guys what my top 2 favorite and not so favorite brands are. 
1. Color Mates - yea there from the dollar store but they're amazing! They cover great!

2. L.A Colors Glitters - These glitters are beautiful! The best part is... they are smooth even without a topcoat! I wish I had more than two..
Not So Favorite1. Zoya - I know a lot of people like this brand, but personally I don't. I used Phoebe (blue matte) with a topcoat over it and it chipped on almost every nail!

2.  Pure Ice - Love the colors. but it takes a while for them to dry and when they do dry they sometimes form some little bumps

Come back Tuesday for a really cool post!!!

Bye Guys!!<3

Monday, November 12, 2012

No Shave November Nails!

Hey guys! Yay! Tutorial Tuesday! Ok, as you might know it's No Shave November which is like Breast Cancer Awareness month in October...only it's in November and it's supposed to raise awareness for men's health. So... I did a mustache on my accent nail! They came out so well! Even on my bad hand! Here's how I did it..

For the accent nail I used Color Mates French Pink..
It's a pretty good nude color that goes great with my skin tone. So I did 2 coats of that. Then with a dotting tool put two spots close together on the tip of my nail. And with a toothpick did two smaller dots for the ends of the mustache.
Still using the toothpick make the outlines pf the mustache and fill them in..
:D A mustache!!!! Now that I think about it I should of done like a full face!

On the rest of my nails I used Zoya Phoebe..
It's a matte polish but, when it has a topcoat on it's a beautiful blue! Here's what it looked like when it was matte..
And here it is with a topcoat..
 Ahh!!! It's gorgeous
Ok, well that's it!

Hope you liked it!

Bye Guys!!<3

Beaded Heart!

Hey guys! Sorry it's going to be a short post today.. In this design I used the micro beads that I got not to long ago!

So, first I painted the whole nail white..
(2 coats of NYC French Tip White)
Then I used a toothpick to attach the beads. To get the beads to stick onto the tooth pick you need to barely touch it into clear polish. You don't want to many to be on the toothpick.

I used red for the outline of the heart..
Then used light pink to fill in the middle..

Hope you liked it!

Come back tomorrow for a really cool design!!!!

Bye guys!!<3

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday!

Hey guys! Ahhh! Guess what?! I got my braces off!! Finally!!! 
And sorry about the title.. I couldn't figure out what to call this at all!
Now back to nails... It's Tutorial Tuesday once again! I'm pretty happy with this design! I was running out of ideas.. then I look down and I see it..My shirt! It has a great pattern that's pretty easy to do!
Here's my shirt..
and here's what I used.. I think Color Mates might be one of my favorite brands! It works so well!
So first I painted all my nails a grayish light bluish color.. They're kinda messy, but nothing a little nail polish remover can't fix :)
Then I used the purple and a stiping brush to make thick lines in different spots on all my nails..
Next with coral and a light blue I put them both on opposite sides of the stripe. Then on some nails I added another purple stripe..
And lastly I added coral and blue lines and put some purple dots in spots that were too empty..
And here's the design I came out with! When they were dry I put my Nutra Nail topcoat to protect the design and make it shine! So I hope you guys liked this design!

Any questions or ideas? Comment below!

Bye Guys!!<3

Saturday, November 3, 2012

L.A Colors Jewel Tone Swatch!

Hey guys! Ok, so I know my posts haven't been that interesting lately, but don't worry they'll get better :). I'm really excited about the next design! I'm not giving any hints so you'll have to come back Tuesday to see it!!

I get a lot of nail polish from the dollar store and some are ok, but then some...they are amazing! Like this one called Jewel Tone by L.A Colors!
 It's a blue, pink and purple glitter packed polish!
It covers pretty well in two coats without and base color..

But with a base coat, like black, it. Looks. Gorgeous!

Just 2 coats over black and it's a glitter party! I really love L.A Colors glitters. They have great coverage and they're really smooth even without a topcoat! The only problem is that just like any other glitter it's a pain to get off! -_-

I also got some more off those little nail art jars with the beads and foil pieces..
red, dark blue, green, blue, light pink, gold, pink, clear
 I think the jars are so cute! I love mini things!
green, pink, purple, pink, blue, pink, brown, silver
I don't know what designs to do with these yet. Any ideas??

Hope you liked the post and don't forget to come back Tuesday!!

If you have any ideas or questions comment below!

Bye guys!!<3