Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saran Wrap + Ombre Nails!

Hey guys! I have cool nails to show you today! They're a mix of saran wrap and the ombre techniques.
So, the pointer and ring finger are both blue, purple, and pink ombre with white stripes. The rest of my nails are all the saran wrap technique with the same colors. By the way I LOVE Seche Vite!! It works so well!
Well that's it! Hope you liked these! Bye Guys!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Amazing Tiger Nails!!

Hey guys!! I have a great nail design to show you!! I'm pretty sure it's my best one yet! I got it from Instagram on @nailpictures 

Here's mine..
 It's a tiger!!
And here's the original picture..
It's amazing! I love it!! I'm pretty sure that's it! Bye guys!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The No 'Poo Movement!

It's not what you're thinking! It's no 'poo as in shampoo! I saw it on Pinterest the other day and got really interested! So, I was looking it up and it's where you stop using shampoo completely.. sounds gross and dirty but, it's really not! You see, shampoo strips your hair from its natural oils and causes it to produce even more. So if you use shampoo everyday your hair is most likely over producing a lot of natural oils.

Instead of shampoo you could use 1tbsp of baking soda mixed into 1 cup of water and store it in a squeeze bottle. I heard that that the mixture is supposed to feel slippery in your hands.

And then for a conditioner you can use 2tbsp of either apple cider vinegar or white vinegar mixed into 1 cup of water and store it in a spray bottle.

When you're in the shower first, get your hair wet and then pour the baking soda mixture onto your scalp and massage it in well. Let it sit for a minute and then completely rinse it out. When you're done with that spray the vinegar mixture on the rest of your hair focusing on the ends. Rinse out your hair very well. Don't worry about smelling like vinegar...the smell goes away when your hair dries. :)

Now I started this on Wednesday and did it again yesterday. The first time it worked really well! My hair was very soft but, on the third day it was starting to get greasy again so I washed it that night. In the morning it was very dry and greasy/waxy on some parts of my did not feel good so today I rinsed it out with water and a tiny bit of the baking soda mixture and it now feels much better.

I've read many peoples stories about their experiences of being no-pooers and almost all said that there is this adjustment period where your hair gets really bad before it gets better. I hope it's not that bad because of school and stuff but, if it is I'll be wearing a lot of ponytails ;) 

Reasons to Start
- less oily hair
- it becomes more manageable
- curls become more defined (if you have curls)
- and many more that I can't think of at the moment
There are so many uses for baking soda! I keep this little jar in my bathroom and use it when I brush my teeth, which I'm pretty sure are getting whiter!

Are you a no-pooer? Does it work well for you? Comment below and tell me what you think about it! 
I'll definitely be doing updates about this! I'll also have a nail post up hopefully by tomorrow!

~Bye Guys!~

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mismatch Nails!

Hey guys! I have great nails to show you guys today!! So for these I felt like doing a different design on every. single. nail. :) It took me like 2 hours because it was hard to think of different things to do and I was watching Lost! If you haven't seen this show, you need too! I've been watching it on Netflix and I'm seriously addicted.

Anyways, for my nails I chose 3 colors that are all from China Glaze.
 Here's what they all looked like! :)
And for these close up pictures I used the Easy-Macro Lens which just straps on to your phone and takes amazing macro shots!
 Ok, for the top left I used a fan brush, dipped it into some polish remover to separate it, and then dipped it into some polish and lightly dragged it across the nail. It's definitely my favorite nail!!

 The rest are pretty self explanatory on how to do them... I did these about 4 days ago and there's only 1 jewel that fell off and minor tip wear! I love Seche Vite!!
Hope you guys liked these!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Coral and Chevron Nails!!

Hey guys! So I have some good news and I have some bad news.. I'll start with the good news...
My nails look good! I did a very simple design for now. It's a chevron accent nail and the rest are a coral color!
 Cool right?
And now for the bad news.. I was ice skating the yesterday with my friends and only like 15 minutes into it my leg slipped back, I turned and I dislocated my knee. -_- This isn't the first time this has happened. But, I sat on the ice for so long that my pants actually froze to the ground!

Ok, well that's enough of that... :)
Hope you liked the nails! And sorry for the short post!!
Bye Guys!!<33

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Nails and Phone Case Addiction!

This is my first post in the new year and it doesn't feel any different... haha anyways I did have a New Years nail design.. it's not my best since I'm still trying to figure out how to use the striping tape..
yea..not that good... it has 2013 on the purple nails just in case you couldn't tell..

And on to another thing in my cases.
I'm addicted to making phone cases.

On Pinterest there was this idea where you could decorate a piece of paper, the same size as your phone, any way you want to. Then you stick it in the clear case! I love it! I've made about 25 in the past three days and I'm pretty proud how they turned out! When I didn't have many ideas I looked at other cases online and could almost replicate them! Here are some of them..
 I freehanded all of rulers! Just sharpies and a pencil!
 They're so addicting to make! I'm obsessed with it..I change them like everyday..

I think that's it for now! Hope you liked this!

Bye Guys!!<3