Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Nails and Phone Case Addiction!

This is my first post in the new year and it doesn't feel any different... haha anyways I did have a New Years nail design.. it's not my best since I'm still trying to figure out how to use the striping tape..
yea..not that good... it has 2013 on the purple nails just in case you couldn't tell..

And on to another thing in my life..phone cases.
I'm addicted to making phone cases.

On Pinterest there was this idea where you could decorate a piece of paper, the same size as your phone, any way you want to. Then you stick it in the clear case! I love it! I've made about 25 in the past three days and I'm pretty proud how they turned out! When I didn't have many ideas I looked at other cases online and could almost replicate them! Here are some of them..
 I freehanded all of these..no rulers! Just sharpies and a pencil!
 They're so addicting to make! I'm obsessed with it..I change them like everyday..

I think that's it for now! Hope you liked this!

Bye Guys!!<3

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