Thursday, December 27, 2012

I got a Helmer!! (Picture Heavy Post!)

Hey guys!! Guess what!?! I got a Helmer!!! If you don't know what a Helmer is, it looks like this..
It's like a tall filing cabinet sort of thing from Ikea.. a bunch of nail bloggers have one and I wanted one so bad!! I've only filled up about half of 2 drawers with nail polish and in the top 2 drawers I have top/base coats,glitter, and nail art supplies..leaving the last 2 drawers empty! I love it so much!!

I also got some nail polish for Christmas!
 My cousins got me these 4 and they're soo pretty!! I've never heard of this brand before but, it works great!
 Then I got these 3 Sinful colors nail polishes! They are beautiful and work great!
 These are my first ever Avon polishes and they are definitely not my last! The reddish pink color goes on perfectly in only one coat!
And these are also my first Julep and Nails Inc. polishes!! They go on so smoothly!
I didn't take a picture of it but I also got a Seche Vite topcoat!!! I tried it today and I think it may be my new favorite!

Now, you might have noticed that a lot of my pictures aren't the best quality and that's because I take them on my phone... but, I got this camera lens called the Easy-Macro and it takes AMAZING close ups!
oh.. I also got some EOS lipbalm.. haha but the bottom picture is the lens

and these 2 pictures I took with my Iphone and the lens! It works so well!!

The last thing I'll show you is this sign/picture I got to hang in my room!!
I love it!!!! That's it for this post! I'll do another post later tonight... Bye guys!!

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