Friday, December 28, 2012

Anchor Nail Art!

Hey guys!! I was going to post this yesterday but, it was getting too late and I was tired.. :)

First, I just wanted to show you how I looked yesterday!

So, the other night I curled my hair with "flexi-rods"... what you do is you get your hair slightly damp, wrap a section of hair (as thick or as thin as you want depending on the size of curl you want) around the rod and then secure the ends. Then you wait till your hair dries all the way.. I usually sleep with them in...

In the morning when you take them out its a perfect no-heat curl! So when I took them out in the morning it reminded me of how Taylor Swifts hair looked when it was always curled! Then I tried to do my make-up and look like her... here's how it looked..
There's an effect on all these pictures so really, my lips were red instead of bright pink.. I didn't look much like her but, I like how I did the make-up! I think that was like the first time I wore lipstick.. :) haha

For my nails, I was trying some of the different polishes I got.. for the nails that look pink ( it's really like a darker pink red color) I used the Avon - Watermelon and for my ring finger I used Sinful Colors - Rain Storm. I have 1 coat on for both of these polishes!!

Then on my ring finger I used one, of my many striping tapes that I just got, in the color gold!
And for the anchors I used the silver Destined polish!

I only have one coat of Seche Vite on my ring finger because I might be changing these soon..
 Sorry for the blurry pictures.. but, they're anchor nails! I really don't think it's time for anchors since it's more of a summery design but oh well... I like them!
ehh.. this one's really blurry... :(
Bye Guys!!<3

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  1. I love the nails and the hair. Where did you get the curlers?

    1. Umm.. I've had these for a long time but, I'm pretty sure we got them at Walmart :) You could maybe also get them from like Target or Walgreens but I'm not sure.. Thank you!