Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ombré Nails

Hey Guys! Well, today is going to be one of the not so good designs...I can never do ombre nails the way I like it! And I also should of picked some fall colors..oh well, they'll be gone by the weekend. So for this design I used...

-Color Mates - Little Blue Box
-Sally Hansen - Green with Envy
-Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Lighteneing

So first I painted all of my nails a light blue..

And then used a make-up sponge and dabbed on the green..
I did the green like halfway up the nail. And then I used the sponge and the yellow and dabbed it only on the tips.
And there are my ombre nails! They turned out pretty well since I don't do this very often.. :)

Bye Guys!! <3

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Nails!

Hey guys! Once again it's Tutorial Tuesday! I'm going to show you my Halloween nails today! My nails are really short because I broke my thumb nail and had to make them all the same length...they were getting a little too long anyways :(. Anyways, Here's the design..
I've already done tutorials on the ring and pinky finger so I'm not going to talk about those, but on the rest of my nails its:
Thumb- mummy (from Pinterest)
Pointer-Spooky eyes (Pinterest)
Middle- "BOO!"

The frankenstein and the eyes both have a matte topcoat on. And the middle finger is done using the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens.

The mummy is one coat of white with a coat of very light tan. Then using a black striper make a thick line across the upper middle of your nail and also put some other lines going in every direction.

And no, the pinky is not a cat...:) It's actually blood dripping down. haha you'll be surprised how many people thought it was a white cat or a lady ;)

I think that's it! Sorry for the short post.. and short nails:( Hope you liked it!

Any questions or ideas? Comment below!

                            Bye Guys!!<3

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails!

Hey guys!! Tutorial Tuesday!! Not much of a tutorial though.. anyways here's the design..
I used..
- OPI mini (no name, but more of a dark pinkish/red)
- China Glaze Dance Baby
- OPI Alpine Snow
- Striping brush
- Dotting tool

Ok, so on my pointer and pinky I painted them the OPI mini

On my thumb and middle finger I painted it light pink, put white polka dots all over, and then using a smaller dotter but the same color pink dots inside the white ones.

And on my ring finger I panted it white and then used the light pink and a striping brush to do the breast cancer awareness ribbon:)

Hope you guys liked the design!! Sorry for the short post today!

Bye guys!!<3

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome (silver)

Hey guys! Today I'm going to do a little post about the Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome that I got the other day. I got the silver one and it works amazing!

Here's 2 coats..
The tip looks a little fuzzy, but it's because I used a fake nail and it had a design right there.
I also put it on my toes real fast.. there a little sloppy but that's because I already had some blue nail polish on and I just went over it. Like the box says, it does dry really fast!
Now I used my nail pens..
To make this design..
And it came out pretty well!
The only thing I don't like about the pen is that the brush is short so sometimes it hits the nail that you're painting. I'd definitely get this again in different colors. oh, and I got this from the 99 cent store :)
Bye Guys!!<3

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Black and White MisMatch with Pop of Color!!

Hey guys!! Yay! Tutorial Tuesday! I'm really excited about this design! It turned out really well!:D
I didn't take a picture of what I used but it's..

- OPI Alpine Snow
- Sally Hansen Black Out
- Wet N Wild Lavender Creme
- White and black striper
- Dotting tool
- Nail stickers with a houndstooth design (From dollar store)
- Top and base coat

Ok, so here's what it'll look like when it's all finished..
On my index finger I painted the whole nail white and then put horizontal black lines.

On my middle finger I did Interlocked Polka Dots..here's how..
Paint the whole nail white..
Paint a black triangle in one of the corners..

And then, with the dotting tool, put the colors of dots on opposite sides..haha it's really hard to explain that:(
The ring finger is just two coats of pink and 3 thin, black lines coming out of one corner.

My thumb is just 2 coats of black with white zebra stripes..
And then my pinky is this houndstooth design! I knew I couldn't hand paint this so I used a sticker. These work really well for being from the dollar store , but just to be safe I put a top coat over it. :)

Hope you like this design!

If you have any questions or ideas comment below!!

Bye Guys<3!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Candy Corn Nail!

Hey guys! I have another Halloween nail for you guys! And it's a candy corn!! haha I used...
- Milani Awesome Orange
- Sally Hansen insta dri Lightening
- NYC French White Tip
- scotch tape

So first you want to put the tape on your nail in a triangle shape, then you start painting the colors..


Then wait for it to dry completely before pulling off the tape.
And there you go! A very easy Candy corn nail for Halloween!

Bye Guys!!<3

If you have any ideas or questions comment below!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Animal Print Nails!!

Hey Guys! It's Tutorial Tuesday!!! Today I'm going to show you how to do animal print nails!

But first I want to thank The Manicured Monkey for presenting me on her blog! I was soo excited!!

Here's what it looks like when it's all done..
Ok, so on the index finger I used....
- L.A Colors White
- Milani Awesome Orange
- Black striper
- Make-up sponge
First, I did one thin coat of white so the orange would show up better.

Then, using the make-up sponge cover the whole nail with orange.

With the striper make the stripes. You want to put some pressure on one end and then just flick the brush.

And there you go! A tiger stripe nail!
On my middle finger I used..
- L.A Colors White
- L.A Colors Mega Watt
- Sinful Colors Nirvana
- Thin striping brush

First, I painted a thin coat of white and two coats of Mega Watt.  Then using a darker brown make giraffe spots.. haha there's not much more to it..
Now on my ring finger I used..

- OPI Alpine Snow
- Black striper 

I did 2 coats of white Then made the zebra stripes..
On my pinky I used.
- OPI Alpine Snow
- Sally Hansen Black Out
- Thin brush

First, paint 2 coats of white, then you could either use a dotting tool or a striper to make some spots. All these animal prints are really easy!
And lastly on my thumb I used..
- L.A Colors White
- Pure Ice Jaguar 
- Sally Hansen Black Out
- Dotting tool

I did one thin coat of white and 2 coats of Jaguar.

Then with the dotting tool make little C shapes and black dots all over your nail..
And that's it! Animal print nails!!

Hope you like these!

Have any ideas or questions? Comment below!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Frankenstein Nail!

Hey guys!! I have another Halloween nail to show you guys! This one is....Frankenstein!!! Here's what I used..
- L.A Colors White
- Sinful Colors (Innocent)
- Black Striper 
- Dotting tool (not pictured)

Start off by painting your whole nail green...
Then using the striper make some hair at the top...
Then just add eyes, a mouth, and a scar and you're done!

This is another very easy design!
Hope you like it!!
Any ideas? Comment below!
Bye Guys!!<3