Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Christmas Tree!

December 1st! And finally! The Christmas tree is up! And it looks amazing!!We tried something a little different this time where there was like a color theme.. and I REALLY like it!!
Now I can't take full credit on the bow and ribbon going down the tree... I saw it on one of my favorite organizing blogs When I saw her tree I instantly fell it love! If you haven't checked out her blog you need too!!

Ok, back to the tree. There's something a little surprising about it...every single thing and I mean everything except a sheer ribbon we used to tie the red and gold balls on are from the....Dollar Tree! But that doesn't matter because the tree looks beautiful!
So, we have one gold star and two red ones..
 Then they had like a five pack of the red "JOY" and we got one gold "PEACE"..
 The red swirly reindeer's were also in a five pack but, we only used three.. and the other reindeer came with two..
Now this is one of my favorites! The gold bird! And the red balls we tied a white sheer bow at the top. We got two packs of each the red and gold balls which came with seven in a pack.

I didn't get a close up picture of these long, swirly icicles things but, they're one of my favorites too! They came in a pack of ten and we got 20 silver ones and 10 red ones. They worked great to fill in all the empty spots! 

As you've probably noticed the theme for the tree was red and gold with some pops of silver here and there. :) The annoying thing about all the glitter ornaments is that the glitter falls off and gets EVERYWHERE. If you shake a bunch on the icicles it pours glitter! 

It's definitely starting to feel a lot like Christmas! 

Once again check out she has AMAZING posts! And she gave me the wonderful idea for the ribbon on the tree!

Hope you liked it!

Come back Tuesday for my nail tutorial!!

Bye Guys!!<3