Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dream Catcher Nails!!

Hey guys! So this design is another one from Pinterest! There wasn't a tutorial, but I still figured it out:).

If you want to see the original picture go here -

I used:
 -Claire's Cosmetics- Mean Green
 -Maybelline Color Show- Coral Crush
 -LA Colors White Striper
 -Maybelline Express Finish- Black
 -Dotting Tool
 -LA Colors Black Striper (not pictured)
 -Gold Sparkles (also not pictured)
Start off by painting all four of your fingers a turquoise/light blue color and your thumb coral or light pink. If you're using the Claire's "mean green" it;s easier if you put a thin white coat and then put two coats of the color.
Sorry it's a little blurry
On your index finger make a circle, but don't close it all the way. Make sure the open end is facing your middle finger.
Ok, it's a little hard to explain, but make a diamond using your white striper and put more lines in between the points on the diamond? Confusing I know :/ Use your dotting tool to put a coral dot in the middle of the diamond.
On your middle finger make a full black circle. Try to line in up with the first circle.
In the middle of the black circle make a smaller, coral circle with white stripes all around them. On the bottom of the circle do 4 black lines and dots.
On your ring finger make 2 black lines all the way down your nail making sure they line up with the 2 outside lines on your middle finger. On the smaller 2 lines do a coral dot and white feathers.
And lastly, on your pinky do 2 more bigger white feathers somewhat in line with the long black lines.
On your thumb write out "Dream", but if that's too hard you could always just keep it coral. I also added these semi-big pieces of glitter that I just got from the Dollar Store yesterday:)
And here's what the dream catcher looks like all done!! I like this one!!

Any ideas? Comment Below!

Bye Guys!!!<3

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