Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mismatch Nails!

Hey guys! I have great nails to show you guys today!! So for these I felt like doing a different design on every. single. nail. :) It took me like 2 hours because it was hard to think of different things to do and I was watching Lost! If you haven't seen this show, you need too! I've been watching it on Netflix and I'm seriously addicted.

Anyways, for my nails I chose 3 colors that are all from China Glaze.
 Here's what they all looked like! :)
And for these close up pictures I used the Easy-Macro Lens which just straps on to your phone and takes amazing macro shots!
 Ok, for the top left I used a fan brush, dipped it into some polish remover to separate it, and then dipped it into some polish and lightly dragged it across the nail. It's definitely my favorite nail!!

 The rest are pretty self explanatory on how to do them... I did these about 4 days ago and there's only 1 jewel that fell off and minor tip wear! I love Seche Vite!!
Hope you guys liked these!!

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