Sunday, August 26, 2012

L.A Colors Swatch! (Treasure Island + Radiant)

Hey Guys!! So I got these two nail polishes from the Dollar Tree the other day and I wanted to show you how they looked! Just because they were from the dollar store doesn't mean their bad quality at all! I have a bunch and they work great. :)
(No Flash)
Ok, So here's the two colors I used. The sparkly one is called Treasure Island and the other is called Radiant.
You could see it better in this picture, but the blue doesn't exactly look like it really does.
This is how Radiant came out with two coats. The color is a little see through but it works great for layering sparkles over it.:)
The sparkles came out really nice and smooth and looked really good! I forgot to take a picture but I used my NYC Matte Topcoat and it looked so cool!
Here are some pictures of it with flash and no flash. I don't have the best camera so the pictures aren't that good, but I think it came out really great!

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